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Always pushing forward

The name: "GTG Mods Team", was created from our founder's online gamer tag. Gregory_TheGamer. At first, when our founder was going solo, it was Gregory_TheGamer's Mods. Or, GTG Mods. Then, in 2016 it became a multi-person group and our founder just put the word Team after GTG Mods without any regard for grammar. Since then, that error has been corrected in our official name as GTG Modding Team International.


Our Story

It all began in late 2015. The day BeamNG released update  0.4.3 for their simulator, With this update, the Gavril Barstow was added to the simulator. Our founder, Gregory, instantly became hooked on modifying this virtual vehicle. Then, on January 1st, 2016, a small community group called the GTG Mods Team was born.

In 2016, the GTG Mods Team was merely a side hobby. We were active for a few months, developing a big mod for the Gavril Barstow and a small mod for the Gavril T-Series.  The Gavril Barstow mod was eventually fully abandoned sometime in early to mid-2017. The mod for the Gavril T-Series became more ambitious, with the addition of the now legendary Gavril VRX18 18.0L V8 Diesel Engine and T85 Frame.


 Sometime in 2017, Gregory met Robben, who at the time was one of the best sound modders for Robben was making an engine pack of his own for the Gavril T-Series at the time and he needed custom-colored engine blocks. They eventually merged their mods into one. Then, the team got quiet.

Even though the team itself wasn't active, Gregory was still making private modifications to both the Gavril Barstow and Gavril T-Series mods. He eventually added a different set of headlights and air cleaners to the Gavril T-Series. Meanwhile, he was also making small changes to the Gavril Barstow.

It wasn't until late-2018, early-2019 that the GTG Mods Team returned to life. Gregory returned to  and started work on what is now known as the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack. The spiritual successor to the Gavril T-Series More Engine Mod, came back stronger than ever.


In August 2020, Public 2.0.0 was released for the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack. The so-called 'Digital Update' completely changed the scene of the Gavril T-Series semi-truck. Featuring an all-new modern interior and other modernization parts, With this release, GMT also required the use of the GTG Commons Mod. A core mod carrying parts, textures, and other code that would end up being shared across multiple projects. Little did the two-man show know that from this moment on, the face of the GTG Mods Team would change forever. Since then, multiple talented creators have become part of and departed the team.

In October 2020, GMT released the Gavril Barstow F2. Marketed as the spiritual successor to the Gavril Barstow, this vehicle was bigger, meaner, and better than the Gavril Barstow in every way. This project too requires the GTG Commons Mod.

Fast forward to late 2021, Gregory's place was robbed. His computer system on which he did all of the major work of GMT, was stolen and he was threatened with death by the thieves.

One year later, in November 2022, the GTG Mods Team became part of G.U. Holdings and became GTG Modding Team International.

That brings us to today. The GTG Mods Team, officially known as GTG Modding Team International is an official business.  And, we are proud of our heritage. We are proud of what we have created and hope to continue bringing quality content to our userbase.

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Mudaheerd 16

9737 SW, Groningen

the Netherlands



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