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Public 3.0.1a

Minor Update

Public 3.0.1a

Mirrors anyone?

Hey there everyone,

Today we bring you the first update for the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack!

This minor update features a few new parts and improvements, and a new paintjob!

- Fixed Internal Air Filter Vents being Visible with external filters

- Tweaked TCX647 Idling Speed

- Added TCX647 Patched ECM
- Added Gavril TS26D5C 5+1 Speed Transmission
- Added Striker Livery
- Added Striker Config
- Added 2 styles of Hood Mirrors
- Added Small Sidesteps

- n/a

Future Plans
The next minor update will add more parts and liveries to the mod. But first, we'll be working on making a Legacy Sleeper Addon for this mod.

Have fun with the update!
- the GTG Mods Team​

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