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Gavril Barstow F2 [OUTDATED]

The all-new Gavril Barstow F2. Pure Muscle. [REMASTER IN-PROGRESS]

Experience American Muscle Like No Other

The Gavril Barstow F2 is the staple of elite American engineering. Design cues taken from NASCAR and drag racing have made this vehicle the pinnacle of 70's Muscle car design. Combined with the legendary Gavril F2-Type chassis, the vehicle handles well and is extremely durable.


The Gavril Barstow F2 is highly customizable! Thanks to the Gavril F2-Type Chassis, you have a big selection of engine, transmission, and suspension options. What's that you say? Off-Road suspension? Consider it done.

In addition, the Gavril Barstow F2 also features 21st-century race technologies, including a fully-clad underbody for maximum performance.

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