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Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack: Legacy Edition

Public 2.1.4h

Trucking Redefined

What is this mod about?

The Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack is a mod that features carefully designed parts to truly enhance the trucking experience with the Gavril T-Series.

We are aiming to add a level of detail to the Gavril T-Series that no one has seen before. Starting from our focus to modernize the semi to the 2007 - 2027 era (what we call Phase-IV), we are planning to go from modern to antique. We have at least another 2 - 3 years of development planned for this mod, and each update releases 2 months apart.

With an ever-expanding feature list, this project grows more complex with each and every update. And our recent, officially created partnership with @NOCARGO will re-invent trucking in BeamNG as we know it.

Heavy-Haul Ready

One of the many unique touches of this project is the addition of the T85-Frame. This frame, along with brand-new heavy-haulage components, in combination with the most powerful production semi-truck engine (comes in at a whopping 1050 bhp, and 5250Nm) and the TorqueMax TM18 18-Speed Manual Transmission will easily pull a heavy-haulage job.

Larger & Smaller Sleepers

A long-time wish of the BeamNG trucking community has always been the addition of larger sleepers. We fulfill that wish with brand-new sleepers fitted with a full interior. The mod features four sizes: 78", 60",  43", and 36".


The all-new Phase-IV production phase brings the Gavril T-Series up to the 21st century. A single-piece windshield improves visibility, a new hood with a different light mounting, and an all-new 21st-century interior.
Production Phase-IV runs from 2007 to 2027.

Advanced Features

This project features special coding made by @NOCARGO to make this project as advanced as possible. Current features such as the advanced On-Board Computer, which features a digital speedometer, digital turbo-pressure gauge, average fuel use, current fuel use, fuel range, fuel capacity, and a functional options menu to both reset average fuel use and the trip-odometer. The non-functional odometer has been replaced with a fully functional, digital odometer and trip odometer for maximum immersion. It doesn't stop there, long-awaited features such as the functional and audible Jake Brake, Retarder, Diesel BOV, and even shift logic will change the way you drive and operate the Gavril T-Series

Oh, and did we mention manually refillable fuel tanks? The T-Series no longer uses BeamNG's original fuel system. The fuel level is saved between sessions. (Temporarily disabled)

There are add-ons too!

Useful & Important Data

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