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Public 1.3.6b

GTG Commons Mod

The one core mod that's required for all of our projects.

Without this, some things may not work correctly.

Wheels o' plenty

The GTG Commons Mod has plenty of wheels in its collection. A lot of wheels that were previously available on the rear axles of vehicles are now also available on the front axles. Some wheels have also been modified to be wider to give you more options when using very wide tires like the Grip-All drag slicks. Or, you could for fun, use the skinny wheels at the rear instead.

Besides wheels, this package also includes tires to match them. Besides additional tires to match the wheels, it also includes tires for the more heavy-duty vehicles, like the Gavril T-Series. Want to take a semi-truck to the track? You can do that; but only if you throw on some slicks. Looking for super-singles? We got you covered!

Gavril F2-Type Chassis

The Gavril F2-Type Chassis is a reliable and versatile frame that is used on our Gavril Barstow F2. It features many different types of suspension on both the front and the rear. It could, for example, have double-wishbone independent rear suspension and solid axle front suspension. Or, if you want maximum performance on the track, you can opt for independent suspension on both the front and rear.

If off-roading is more your style, the platform has got this covered as well. Just use the solid axles on both the front and rear with some off-road coil-overs. Are leaf springs more your fare? You can use those too!

Project Dependency

The GTG Commons Mod is a requirement for all of the GTG Mods Team's projects. Without it, some projects may not work correctly. Because of its importance, it's a good idea to regularly check for updates.

This mod also includes code made by other popular modders like InnocentJoker's brake glow code. This allows the brakes to glow red-hot when they are hot on the Gavril Barstow F2 or Gavril T-Series if they have disc brakes equipped.

Useful & Important Data

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