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Welcome To GTG Modding Team International

Home of the #1 mod for the Gavril T-Series



Recent events at GTG Modding Team International

Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack: Public 3.0.0e releases

February 29th, 2024

Next Generation of Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack release date confirmed!

February 19th, 2024

Our Mission and Goal

At GTG Modding Team International, we aim to deliver quality modifications for To achieve this, we built a team of talented people

who handle anything from Public Relations, Production, and Community Management.  Since 2016, we are here.

Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack - Public 2.1.1c
Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack - Public 2.1.3d
Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack - Public 2.1.3d


We have a thriving Community on our Discord server where we post updates to our various projects. We are also preparing to do some regular events that are both within and outside of BeamNG in the community We also do joint projects with other people to help those in need. Our most recent venture ~ Charity Sponsor.


Our team is comprised of talented individuals from around the world who voluntarily dedicate their spare time to create stunning works of art, while also working to maintain the server and brand's well-being. Each team member contributes to this collective mission with unwavering passion and dedication.


Quality is at the forefront of our stuff. We take the time and don't rush. All our projects are tested prior to release, including the updates. We will always choose quality over quantity, and if a thing can't reach the deadline, we simply postpone it until it is finished. That way, we can guarantee that our projects work when you install them.

Support our Mission!

All of our funding comes from the community! By supporting us on Patreon, you help us pay our bills and make sure we keep going strong!

Contact Us

Problems? Send us an email!

We will respond as soon as possible!

Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack - Public 2.1.2a

Join our Community

Join our awesome community on our Discord server! Engage in the chatting channels or be a part of forums, react to polls, participate in events, and  leave suggestions1

Gavril Barstow F2 - Public 1.1.4c
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