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Rev up your engines and enhance your racing experience with the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack: Racing Add-On! Unlock a whole new level of excitement as you transform your Gavril T-Series into a high-performance racing truck. This add-on introduces a range of performance-focused components, including more powerful turbos, higher rev limits, molded sideskirts, and a wing. With these specially designed parts and upgrades, you'll have the power to dominate the track like never before. Experience the thrill of speed, precision handling, and intense competition. Get your hands on the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack: Racing Add-On now and unleash the racer within, taking your virtual racing adventures to new heights.


Current Version: Public 1.0.2b

Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack: Racing Add-On

Sales Tax Included
  • Parts:

    • VRX18 | V2000 Racing Turbochargers (2000+ bhp @ 74psi boost)
    • TSX15 | TS1300 Racing Turbochargers (1300+ bhp @ 69psi boost)
    • TUX16 | TU1400 Racing Turbochargers (1400+bhp @ 50psi)
    • Stage 4 Engine Internals
    • Racing Engine Control Module w/ adjustable parameters
    • Atleast 1 Unique Livery
    • Atleast 2 Configurations
    • AGS Type-6DSOD/DD Adjustable 6-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission
    • Adjustable Limited Slip Differential*
    • Adjustable Final Drive Ratio*
    • Roll-Cage w/ Optional Sidepanels
    • Smooth, Molded Sideskirts
    • Huge Wing with Livery Support
    • Racing Interior w/ Digital Dash
    • High-End Racing Disc Brakes*
    • Ultra High-Definition Textures (8K)

    *T65 Frame Only

    Free updates for as long as we support this product.