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Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack

Public 3.0.1a

Enhance Your Trucking Adventure

The Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack is meticulously crafted to elevate every aspect of your trucking journey with the Gavril T-Series. Our mod introduces a diverse array of meticulously designed components, each carefully curated to enhance the overall trucking experience to new heights.

Our goal is to enrich the narrative and functionality of the vehicle by incorporating components spanning multiple production years, alongside advanced features. This comprehensive approach ensures a deeply immersive trucking experience, as we continually introduce new elements to enhance realism and gameplay depth.

Our plans promise an extensive array of carefully crafted components, ranging from essential accessories to intricate suspensions and engines. With each update, users can anticipate the project's growth in complexity and richness. Additionally, we're committed to delivering regular updates, ensuring a steady stream of small yet impactful improvements to enhance the trucking experience over time.

We prioritize realism, thoroughly crafting every detail to ensure our content mirrors real-world authenticity to the best of our ability. Our dedication to realism ensures an immersive trucking experience that feels true to life.

All Features

Want to know just what this mod exactly adds? Look no further, Here's  a full list.

  • 1 NEW Engine: Gavril TCX647 647CUI I6 Diesel Engine

  • 3 NEW Transmissions:

    • Gavril DS34O12-580 'DualShift' 12-Speed Transmission (MT)​

    • Gavril DS32O8-575 'DualShift' 8-Speed Transmission (MT)

    • Gavril TS34D8-590 'TorqShift' 8-Speed Transmission (AMT)

    • Gavril TS26D5C-580 'TorqShift' 5+1 Speed Transmisstions (AMT)

  • 1 NEW AutoClutch specially made for the AMTs

  • 5 NEW Sunvisor types

  • 4 NEW Catwalk Options

  • 4 NEW Wide Hood Types

  • 1 REVAMPED Engine: Belasco-Diesel turned into Gavril TCX855 855 CUI I6 Diesel Engine

  • 2 REVAMPED Transmissions:

    • ​Gavril DS32O10-580 'DualShift' 10-Speed Transmission (MT)
    • Gavril TS26D5-575 'TorqShift' 5-Speed Transmission​ (AMT)

  • 6 NEW Chicken Light Options​

  • NEW Rear Sidesteps on Conventional AeroCab frame.

  • NEW Small Rear Sidesteps for all frames

  • 4 NEW Final Drive Ratios

  • 2 NEW Hood Mirror Types

Future Plans

In the pipeline are exciting developments that harness the essence of trucking across various eras, from the late 1950s to the late 20th century and into the 21st century. Our comprehensively designed components are poised to elevate your trucking experience across these historical periods. Beyond this, our creative vault brims with untapped potential for future add-ons, a concept we initially delved into with the preceding iteration of GTSEP. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey towards innovation and enhanced gameplay.

Mod Compatibility

As the mod adds a new vehicle entry to your vehicle selector, any existing Gavril T-Series mod will not work on this. Mod makers will have to make their mod work with this mod.

If you are a creator and are making a mod for this, we highly encourage you to reach out to us via email or via our Discord server so you can take part in our CVP initiative, which is aimed at making it as easy as possible for users to see what is guaranteed to be compatible.

Known Issues

Hood UV Mapping Issues During development of the wide hoods it became clear that our newly added hoods had UV mapping issues. Upon closer investigation we discovered that the original sloped hoods made by BeamNG also suffer from UV mapping imperfections. Our devs are currently at a fork in the road, and still deciding whether to one way or the other.

Flawed Configuration Details Upon creating the 12 configurations currently featured in the mod, we didn't spend much to perfect the finer details of the configuration descriptions. This should be fixed within an update or two.

Useful & Important Data

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